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The ABCs of Back To School with Crafty Teacher Courtney Curtis

The ABCs of Back To School with Crafty Teacher Courtney Curtis

Back to school has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. In addition to the typical back to school hustle and bustle, teachers are focused on motivating students after extended downtime, helping them to balance online with in-person learning, and supporting socialization with their classmates in new, socially distant ways. Teachers are also connecting with parents more frequently and with more detail to be sure no student falls through the cracks. It’s a lot! Everyone involved – students, teachers, and parents, need inspiration and organization to make it all happen.

The team at Xyron knows a little creativity and the right tools can go a long way in creating the optimal environment for learning. We sat down with crafting expert and celebrated teacher Courtney Curtis to talk about the products and practices she’s putting in place to ensure an outstanding school year.

Courtney is a fifth year 3rd grade teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio. She teaches math and science and loves to do hands-on activities and fun experiments. After school you can find her walking her pups or getting crafty at home. She is known for her original classroom creations and for curating resources for teachers to use in their own classrooms. You can follow her teaching journey on Instagram @misscurtisclassroom.


What is one thing that every teacher or parent needs to know about teaching kids during this unusual time?

I think it’s critical for all of us to remember that it is okay to fail. I have only been in school for a few weeks and we have already tried things that don't work and adjusted to new things we have never done before.


What is the one thing that you can't live without during your school day?

In addition to her students, Courtney can’t live without “My planner, I am constantly writing things on my to do list and leaving reminders, I don't know how teachers would survive without them.”

The right products are always key to transforming a classroom into a space where students thrive, and Courtney breaks down her favorites, along with the projects she has on her ever growing to do list.


What is your favorite Xyron product?

My favorite is the Glaminator. It is so fun and I have never seen another product like it. It adds a little flair to any craft.


What did you like most about using it?

It was so easy to use. Just plug it in, turn it on, and send something through it in the pouch. Then peel away and be amazed at your shiny new artwork.

What are you going to make with Xyron next?

I am going to make some behavior management stickers so we can keep track of how many class dojo points we get as a whole class.

I also am going to be Glaminating everything!





Watch her on YouTube:

Glaminator & Creative Station Tutorial 



 You can follow Courtney's teaching journey on InstagramYouTube, and PinterestA

You can also learn more about Xyron products and projects perfect for back to school or learning at home in our other related blog posts.


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