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Our new foil applicator will give your projects the extra shine that they need. Add foil to cards, handmade gifts, invitations, business cards and so much more!

Get Crafting

Step 1 Glam

Add The Glam

Time to start adding shine to your projects! Print your custom designs on a laser printer, gather your supplies and choose one of our bright foil colors.

Step 2 GLAM

Prepare Your Project

Place your project into the transfer carrier that is included with your machine. The transfer carrier is 9 by 12 inches, and the Glaminator accepts items up to 9" wide. If your design or project is oversized, trim it to the correct size.

Prepare Your Foil

Place your foil on top of your project, with the shining side up. To save materials, trim your foil to the appropriate size using a craft knife. The area of your printed design is the only part that needs to be covered. 

Step 3 GLAM
Step 4 GLAM

Insert Your Project

Close the transfer carrier with your project and foil laying flat inside, and run it through the machine. The toner reactive foil will adhere to your printed design.

Reveal The Shine

Once the project is cool to the touch, remove it from the transfer carrier. Peel your foil from your project to reveal your foil accents!

Slider GLAM

Three Settings | One Easy-Slide Button

Although the Glaminator was created for foiling, it has standard thermal lamination and cold lamination capabilities. Simply slide the button to your desired setting, and the machine will do the rest!

Foiling FAQ

How does it work?

When you print your design a laser printer applies toner to your project media. Toner is primarily composed of plastic, carbon, and other solid components. Running your project through the machine melts the toner and foil together. When your project comes out of the machine and cools, the toner goes back to its solid form causing the foil to stick to the toner surfaces.

Can I reuse foil that has already gone through the machine?

Yes. Xyron's transfer foils are able to be put through the machine more than once. This will help you eliminate waste and be able to work on more projects!

What is included with my machine purchase?

Along with the machine, you will receive one transfer carrier (9x12in), and one roll of gold foil (6in x 5ft). Additional foils and transfer carriers are sold separately.

What does the transfer carrier do?

The transfer carrier helps ensure that your project will go through the machine smoothly with minimal wrinkling or folding. You can operate the machine without using the transfer carrier, but you may see mixed results. 

What printer do I need?

Xyron's foil is toner-reactive, so your designs need to be printed on a laser printer. For information on recommended printers, please contact our customer service.

* Printer Tip: In our research, we have found that smaller desktop printers apply toner better than larger business machines. This means that printing at a print shop, office, or other public printing may not yield the best results. 

How is this different from other foiling machines and laminators?

The Glaminator allows you to foil without the use of external craft machines like die cutters or die presses. It only has one foiling setting, regardless of your project media or foil thickness. The foiling setting is specifically configured for foiling, but it has lamination capabilities as well. For more information on why our machine is different from a standard laminator, please contact customer service. 

Will this machine work with other foils?

The Glaminator is compatible with most other toner-reactive transfer foils, but for best results Xyron foils are recommended. The machine's warranty is only applicable when used with Xyron foils and transfer carriers. 

What types of materials can I foil?

The Glaminator will apply foil to most paper types, including standard printer paper, cardstock, and even scrapbook paper. For best results, paper with a smooth surface is recommended.

*Paper Tip: If you're not seeing the results you want and are concerned about the paper, make sure that your laser printer is compatible with the paper size and weight of your print media. Print media information can be found in your laser printer user manual.