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  • Trouble with GSD files... HELP PLZ!

    Hi. Bought a Wishblade about 5 or 6 months ago, and haven't used it a lot, but enough to know what I'm doing. (I I bought some GSD files from a well established website a few weeks ago. I sat down tonight to cut them, and was shocked to get this error message... "This is a new...
    Posted to Questions for Technical Support (Forum) by MrsSudsy on Dec 14, 2009
  • Can I use Illustrator to create my art?

    I recently saw a video of someone making a rhinestone t-shirt transfer with a vinyl cutter and have been searching for a vinyl cutter I can afford. I'm a graphic artist and would like to know if I can use Adobe Illustrator files on the Wishblade from my Mac. Thanks.
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by pixiebrush on Dec 3, 2009
  • Paper is moving all over during cutting!

    When I cut, the paper and cutting mat are shifting all over. It seems that the "Gripper wheels" are not gripping it tight enough. Is there a setting I am missing to tighten it down to hold the paper?
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by jennscraps on Nov 28, 2009
  • Re: Pink Wishblade and Windows 7

    Great to hear! Wishblade Software is unfortunately no longer supported by Graphtec, this is why Xyron chose to make Create and Cut (and later Plus). I hope you continue to have fun with all of your projects! Post some pics in the forum as well! Thanks!
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by Xyron Support on Nov 2, 2009
  • Pink Wishblade and Windows 7

    Hello all, I just installed my Wishblade and Create and Cut software on Windows 7 Ultimate. Both programs work wonderfully with the exception of an extra window coming up during the cutting process in the Wishblade software. If that is the only issue i am going to have I am good with it.
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by jillybean76001 on Oct 31, 2009
  • Re: im new here

    I hope someone can too, greddy. I asked over a week ago about replacement blades and I haven’t heard a peep from anyone in response. It seems pretty dead around here. In the meantime , I have projects backed up waiting till I can find a new blade for my machine. The wishblade could do so many things...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by gardencat on Oct 26, 2009
  • Create & Cut Replacement

    I have the pinkish-purpleish Wishblade. I got it off HSN in May 2007. I used it a lot when I first purchased it, but in the past year and a half I have moved several times due to a divorce. I have somehow misplaced my Create & Cut CD. Is there anyway to get a replacement without having to purchase...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by rosalie on Oct 18, 2009
  • Re: Cutting my own Fonts

    If you have Wishblade Advanced v2.2 than you absolutely can cut your true type fonts. If you don't have this version you may download from our website by clicking on the Wishblade tab and scrolling to the bottom for software downloads.
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by Tami McCloud on Aug 5, 2009
  • Unable to install driver

    I'm running Windows Vista 64-bit. I have installed both the Create and Cut software and the Wishblade software. Both pieces of software appear to be installed correctly and work fine. I've been unsuccessful in installing the printer driver. The one of many errors I receive is... [The folder you...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by cre8vdesign on Jul 5, 2009
  • Create and Cut Plus Compatibility

    Hi Xyron Support, I wonder if you or one of your colleagues can answer a question for me. I understand that Create and Cut Plus will work with all Wishblades plus Graphtec Craft ROBO and Quickuts Silhouette as detail on Xyron's web-site: The newest version of Create and Cut allows you to weld words...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by simon on May 26, 2009
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