Trouble with GSD files... HELP PLZ!

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MrsSudsy Posted: Dec 14, 2009 2:37 AM

Hi. Bought a Wishblade about 5 or 6 months ago, and haven't used it a lot, but enough to know what I'm doing. (I I bought some GSD files from a well established website a few weeks ago. I sat down tonight to cut them, and was shocked to get this error message...

"This is a new version of file. This file cannot be read by this software."

 Not ONE of the 6 GSD files I bought will open! Can you please tell me what is going on? I originally bought my Wishblade from the Shopping Channel in Canada, and on air, the rep stated that we could use any image from our computer, and any type of picture file, (that's why I bought IT over the Cricut) and when I paid for and received it, found out it ONLY takes GSD files. SO, I searched the internet for reputable places to buy images. (Of which there aren't many...very dissapointing) Now, I can't use the GSD files??? WHAT is going on?????

Very perplexed & confused.


PS I want to add that these are the ONLY files I'm having an issue with. All my previous images seem to be working fine. It's just these new ones.

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I don't have a Wishblade, but I'm thinking maybe you need to update the software...if you click on Wishblade on the tabs above, it think there's a software update, and maybe that's wat the issue is.  I have found lots of free GSD files myself.  I know there's a Wishblade group in Yahoo, and they have lots of files, and there are lots of different places that sell the files inexpensively.  Do a Google search for Free GSD files and also GSD files, you'll find many sites.


Good luck,


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I have the same problem plus some. I looked for an update and there are none posted except for a MAC.

Anyone know if there is an update available.  I did email Xyron on Saturday and waiting for a response.


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If you get the message when using a GSD file saying: "This is a new version of file..."

It means the file you are trying to read was created in a software program other than the Wishblade Program. Only use GSD files that were created using the Wishblade Software program. There are other programs out there that can create GSD files but they are not Wishblade GSD files.

Different models of the Wishblade require use of specific versions of the Wishblade software so you cannot upgrade to a newer version because it may not work with your model number - Talk to Tech support before you load any new version of the Wishblade software.

So ask those vendors for Wishblade GSD files. Or if that is not available ask for a DXF file. You can also use the load DXF utility and import DXF files into both the Wishblade and Create and Cut programs





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Thank you Sandy!!! I was going crazy last night, knowing good and darn well my pinky had the newest version of the WBAdvanced software(not that I use it). Create and Cut is the only way to go! Thanks so much!!!

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