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Free Shipping on All Orders, No Promo Code Required

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Xyron Products Assist Business Reopening

Xyron Products Allow Pinspiration Tools for Successful Reopening!

Xyron products help Pinsperation to re-open

Pinspiration, a DIY crafting studio in Phoenix, Arizona, had to temporarily shut its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once stay-at-home orders were lifted in the area, Pinspiration was able to reopen. Like many other businesses reopening, the studio adopted new procedures to make customers feel safe and used a couple of Xyron products to help communicate these changes.  

“We have increased our sanitation protocols and made many of our systems touchless.  I used the Creative Station Lite to laminate and for adhesion and the Glaminator to beautify,” said the Pinspiration business owner. “The results helped me communicate safety features to our customers, present the features professionally and create materials that will last in a busy setting.”

baskets with   

A few of the items created with the products include a laminated QR code that allows customers to fill out a waiver on their cell phones versus the studio’s shared iPad, social distancing seat markers to help staff and employees by providing a visual indication of space, and individual customer kits to help organize and keep track of the various materials used by customers to make the sanitation process easier.

QR code sign made with Xyron products


Products Used

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Xyron Creative Station Xyron Creative Station
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