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Tisa Jackson Partners with Xyron to Create a Beautiful Mother’s Day Card with a Surprise Inside!

  • May 3, 2021
  • Written by: Xyron Team
  • Category: DIY

Thoughtful gifts from the heart are appropriate for every occasion, but Mother’s Day is something special. After all, moms are often the first recipients of our creations -- the scribbled coloring pages, the wonky-eyed “portraits,” the lumpy sculptures, the macaroni jewelry. Mom loves it all.

Over the years, your skills improved, the tools improved (hello, Xyron!), and your gifts got better. This year, take some inspiration from Just My Little Mess crafter Tisa Jackson and create a unique Mother’s Day card that keeps on giving.


Mothers day tea


What is your favorite craft to make? 

I love crafting, and I love sharing my love for crafting, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one type of craft or medium. But, if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say paper. I love creating papercrafts, cards, 3D crafts, and scrapbooking.


Mother day tea 2


What is your favorite Xyron product? What do you like most about using it?

I like working with the Xyron Creative Station and the Xyron Creative Station Lite. Not only does it allow me to make a sticker out of anything, but I can also create cards and scrapbook layouts with ease.


Mothers Day Gift


What are some ways parents can instill the love of crafting in their children? 

I think doing creative projects with children from the very beginning is important. Seeing how creative play sparks a child’s imagination is amazing! The things that spring from a child’s mind bring so much joy to me and make the most wonderful memories.


mothers day tea


What is one of your favorite crafts to do with your own children?

My children are now college-aged, so we don’t do a lot of crafting together anymore. However, they are both studying in creative fields, so I will often run designs by them both and they’ll share their opinions with me. It’s fun to have creative kids.


mothers day teas


What does your ideal Mother’s Day look like?  

Wake up, pour and enjoy a great cup of coffee, and just relax. No plans, nothing on the calendar. Just spending unstructured time with the entire family. Making memories, going out to a delicious lunch, laughing a lot, and just having a great day. Very low-key - I love it!


Any special crafting memories with your own mother you'd like to share?

My grandmother was the crafter in our family.  I remember sitting watching her create flower arrangements for weddings or special occasions or changing an entire room by hanging a set of new curtains.  She saw color like I see color, and her creativity always amazed me.  

Are you going to try and recreate Tisa’s accordion-style Mother’s Day card / tea treat? Check out her other projects on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for more inspiration.

What are your favorite Mother’s Day crafts you’ve given or received? Share your photos and memories on our Facebook and Instagram. And please connect with us on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube too!