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Need a Nudge to Start Spring Cleaning? Organization Maven Jessica Litman and Xyron Are Here to Help!

Say the words “spring cleaning” and, depending on the person, you’ll either get groans or glee. For some, spring cleaning means adding “to-dos” to an already too long list, but for others, it’s a chance to revive and renew a home that’s been occupied more than the norm for the past year.

Jessica Litman


Jessica Litman, a.k.a. “The Organized Mama” has made her mark encouraging families to embrace their homes by incorporating easy-to-do organizational habits that everyone can pick up. She’s shared her DIY tips and tricks on, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine, and now with the Xyron community. 



How did you get started in organization? Have you always been an organized person?

I have always been an organized person but found that once I had kids, I needed to be extra organized. It ended up allowing me to be a more "fun" mom. Because the house was in order, I was able to grab things when we needed them so we could get crafty really quickly. I didn't have as much stress. This is why I love teaching families how to organize!



How do you use Xyron products to stay organized?  

I love Xyron and have been using them for years. I love making labels with my Creative Station Lite and 1.5" sticker maker. I will cut out labels and either write on them or use fancy fonts from my computer. Then I will turn those labels into stickers to ensure our entire home is organized. And labeled! Because when everything is labeled, everyone knows where things should go.



What is the #1 tip you give to people who feel overwhelmed by clutter or feeling disorganized?

Just start. Maybe it is something simple like throwing the mail into the recycling as soon as you get home versus leaving it on the counter to pile up. Maybe it is to set a timer for 10 minutes to declutter a drawer. Whatever it is, just start small.



What part of the house is the hardest to keep organized and how do you keep it organized? A junk drawer, closet, fridge?

First, I hate junk drawers. They are just postponed decisions hiding in a drawer that could be used to help you get organized. What I mean by that is junk drawers serve no purpose. But having an office supply drawer in your kitchen or tool drawer helps you give that drawer purpose. I see that as the hardest for most of my in-home clients to feel confident in. But once the junk drawer is gone, they are so much happier because there isn't a place for indecision to hide.



Let’s say someone is jumping all in and wants to “get organized” what project would you tell them to tackle first and why?

I always say start where you sleep because research shows that when you sleep with disorganization, your brain doesn't get as good a night’s sleep. And I recommend starting with clothes because they are the easiest to declutter. Here's why: you can try on everything to see if it fits and you can make an outfit out of it. If it doesn't fit, then it is easy to part with.



See Jessica’s philosophy in action on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram!

Did Jessica inspire you? What Xyron products do you use to get and stay organized? Be sure to check out our spring themed 1.5” and 3” Spring-Themed Sticker Maker Bundle and the Click N Store boxes to help you declutter this spring and then be sure to tag us on your tidiest projects with @xyroninc on Instagram.