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Create upcycled holiday decor on a dime -- with help from Xyron!

If the 2020 Grinch took a bite out of our holiday budget, there are still a myriad of ways to make your home merry. All you need is your imagination, a few household items, and Xyron! 

Crafty gal and mixed-media maven Kristen Johnson, showcases her creativity on her DIY blog, A Girl and Her Glitter. A longtime fan of the Xyron Laminator, Johnson recently fired up the Xyron Mini Multi-Stick Glue Gun and the Xyron Mini Hot Glue Pen and went to work, transforming found items into festive decor.

Recent Multi-Stick Glue Gun inspired projects including ornaments made from spray painted Dollar Store broom bristles (see how-to in photos below) and natural garland constructed from palm tree leaves gathered from her yard.

The Glue Pen also prompted Kristen to create one-of-a-kind personalized wooden place cards that can be used year after year. 

What is your favorite Xyron product?

It was the Laminator, now it’s the Xyron Glue Pen. What an incredible idea! It’s perfect for precision gluing and allowed me to create intricate projects like the place cards.

Xyron Glue Pen writing name

place setting with name

What did you like the most about using it?

The design of the Glue Pen fits comfortably in my hand, which has been a problem with all of the other glue guns I’ve tried. Now I’m able to get into different spots and angles. The trigger also lets me apply just the right amount of glue that I need, every time. 

decorative banner created with Xyron Glue Pen

Do you have any special DIY holiday traditions?

I like to cozy up with my kids -- Luke, Madison, and Lola -- and watch a different holiday movie every night of their winter break. Popcorn is optional but hot chocolate is a must! I think a new tradition is starting this year though: keeping our cat out of my DIY tree made from dried palm leaves

What's your favorite gift to give?

I love to give gifts that inspire people to create something, like a DIY ornament kit or a box of ingredients to make cookies. Or something delicious like my homemade sugar cookies!

What are you going to make with Xyron next?

I think it’s time to create some custom gift tags with my favorite Glue Gun Pen!

Glitter Star How-To

Xyron Glue Gun with broom bristles

Step 1: Get a cheap bristle broom 

Xyron Glue Gun and Styrofoam ball

Step 2: Dab glue on a styrofoam ball 

Broom bristles pushed in the Styrofoam ball

Step 3: Place small sections of broom around the ball in a star-like shape

Spray painting ball with broom bristles

Step 4: Spray paint 

painted ball with bristles among other Christmas decorations

Step 5: Display anywhere! 

Kristen Johnson headshot

Follow Kristen’s crafting adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and blog at

If, like Kristen, custom gift tags are next on your to-do list, check out this YouTube video, which demos Xyron’s Sticker Maker:

Do you have an upcycling project you’re proud of? Share your ideas and inspiration with us on Facebook!