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Price  $24.99
SKU: 627144


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Multi-Stick Capacity

Keep crafting through long projects without stopping for refills with the unique multi-stick cartridge. It uses innovative advancement technology to feed glue sticks right into the barrel. Cartridge holds up to 3 full size 4" glue sticks.

Easy to Refill

Reload up to 3 glue sticks at once! Multi-stick cartridge is easy to reload, with a convenient rear loading hole. Just slip the glue sticks in and you’re ready to go!

No Drips

Need a break? The handy kickstand allows you to take one. The silicone-coated kickstand supports the glue gun, so it rests securely on flat surfaces. And it catches any lingering drips, so there’s no mess to clean up.

Compatible with 8" Cartridge

Double your glue amount! When a project seems to be taking longer, it's easy to switch to an 8" glue cartridge and glue sticks (sold separately). Glue gun includes a 4" cartridge for your convenience.

Easy to Remove

Use two fingers to apply pressure to both cartridge clips and pull away from the glue gun.

Switch in Seconds

Slide in 8" Cartridge and feed glue sticks through the loading hole to tackle your largest projects.

The Xyron Multi-Stick Hot Glue Gun makes it easy to be a DIY legend. Increased capacity and auto-feed technology helps you do more in less time. Load 3 glue sticks into the cartridge and let the Multi-Stick Technology do the rest. With fewer interruptions and increased productivity, you’ll be a DIY all-star in no time.

  • EFFICIENT - With a cartridge that holds 3 full size glue sticks and technology that delivers glue sticks to the barrel, you can power through projects
  • WORKS WITH - Includes a 4" full size cartridge and 10 full size 4" glue sticks. Also works with 8" cartridge that uses full size glue sticks. Extra cartridges and glue sticks sold separately.
  • RELIABLE - High temperature ensures a strong bond. Works great on glass, stone, marble, ceramic, floral arrangements, wreaths, leather, and more.
  • EASY - Simply guide glue sticks through a loading hole in the cartridge and let the Multi-Stick Technology do the rest
  • UL TESTED - Silicone-insulated nozzle helps prevent burns, while a comfort grip and trigger reduce stress. UL Tested and Approved.
  • CLEAN - Silicone coated drip tray catches drips and also serves as a clever kickstand. Keep work spaces clean without the need for extras like a glue gun stand or silicone mat.
  • FLEXIBLE - Comes with a removable, interchangeable cartridge that holds 4" full size glue sticks. For increased capacity, upgrade to an 8" cartridge and glue sticks (sold separately).

Product Specifications

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Navy, White
9" x 2" x 8"
Electrical Requirements:
120 V, 60 Hz
1 year
Use With:
Xyron Full Size Hot Glue Sticks, Xyron Full Size Multi-stick Glue Gun
Date Indicator: