XM6300 38in Kraft Paper

The Xyron® XM6300 Kraft Paper is 450' long and is for use in the XM6300. This is a sturdy 38" wide Kraft paper. It is perfect for dozens of fun and practical applications such as murals, large drawings, posters and other projects.
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Proprietary supplies allow quick and easy application changes

Sturdy Kraft Paper designed to overcome many challenges

Offers great strength, stiffness, porosity, and printability.

Ideal for wrapping or layering items to prevent scratching

Made from 100% recycled material

1425 sq. ft.


Code 100182
Color ------------
Dimensions 40 x 9 x 9
Material Length 450ft (137.16m)
Material Width 38in. (11.58m)
Product Size (inch) 42
Weight 19