XM4400 38in Thermal Sens Lam

The Xyron® XM4400 Thermal Print Sensitive Laminate Refill is 300' long and is for use in the XM 4400. This is a high-gloss film suitable for use on thermal print sensitive items. It applies thermal sensitive permanent laminate to both sides of items up to 38" wide. It's great protection for banners and signs, advertisements, and POP displays.
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Proprietary supplies allow quick and easy application changes

Safe for use on thermal print-sensitive items

No heat, no mess and no waiting.

Cold lamination will allow for trimming right up to and even through documents without any peeling or lifting.

Non-toxic, acid-free print sensitive laminate


Code dl3802-300
Color ------------
Dimensions 46 x 17 x 8
Material Length 300ft (91.4m)
Material Width 38in. (96.5cm)
Product Size (inch) 42
Weight 36