Stickz™ by Xyron® Permanent Adhesive

Stickz™ by Xyron® Permanent Adhesive is a perfect way to apply even edge-to-edge adhesive to items up to 12" wide and ½" thick. The permanent adhesive has the strongest hold and is great for textured and porous surfaces. Stickz™ is acid-free and non-toxic.
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Quick change refill cartridge for use in Xyron Creatopia machine

Apply permanent adhesive for a strong hold.

No heat, electricity or batteries required

Discard after use

Non-toxic, acid-free, permanent adhesive


Code 3502-05-40
Color ------------
Dimensions 3.25 x 15.25 x 7.25
Material Width 12.5in. (31.8cm)
Product Size (inch) 12
Weight 2.4