1.5" Permanent Refill


Acid-free refill cartridge is 20' long and fits into a Xyron 1.5” create-a-sticker Permanent Refill. Create permanent stickers from items up to 1.5" wide. Great for punch art, letters, and mini photos.

SKU: AT155-20

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  • Quick change refill cartridges.
  • No Heat
  • No Electricity
  • No Batteries
Operational Width:1.5in (3.8cm)
Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions (W x H x L)2.25in x 3.625in x 1.75in (5.7cm x 9.2cm x 4.4cm)
Xyron Customized Washi Tape Made of Anything

Xyron Customized Washi Tape Made of Anything

Make your own custom washi tape! With Xyron any ribbon, fabric, paper scrap or foil can become Tape! Use it to embellish your projects, seal your envelopes for hand-made cards, or transform a glass votive holder from season to season! With Xyron, you create a better way!

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