Magic Sticker Maker


Make stickers out of almost anything... It's Magic! The Magic Sticker Maker provides hours of fun for all ages while creating no mess and using no heat or energy. There is so much you can make the creativity never ends!!

Turn your own cool designs, photos of friends, celebrity pictures, fabrics – anything at all – into funky stickers! One twist magically turns the item into a high quality sticker with no fuss and no mess! Each sticker maker comes with pre-made sticker shapes to get you started.

SKU: 0301-05-00

More Info

  • Highlights
  • 20ft (6.1M) Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive Cartridge Included
Operational Width:2in (5.1cm)
Cartridge Included:20ft (6.1m) Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions (W x H x L)5.25in x 7.5in x 2.5in (13.3cm x 19cm x 6.4cm)

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