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  • Re: Manual for XyronPersonal Cutting system

    Don't you realize how easy it is to scan the manual and put it online? Also, where is the software for the PCS online? Don't you know that very few people will buy products from a company that doesn't support their older machines online? This is the 21st century for God's sake. Would...
    Posted to Questions for Technical Support (Forum) by cliff on Mar 26, 2013
  • Cannot find driver for Xyron Wishblade

    Sandy, I spoke with you on the phone on 2/4. My name is Ebony Gaiter. I've left two messages since then. I emailed Xyron on 1/28. I am desperately trying to find out how to install create and cut 1.0 on my new Windows 7 machine and when we talked on Monday afternoon, you indicated that you would...
  • Windows 7 and Create an Cut 1.0

    I just acquired the Xyron Wishblade pink machine, but I only have the create and cut 1.0 software and when I try to install the driver, it says printer setup failed or something like that. What do I do? Anyone's advice would be appreciated.
    Posted to Questions for Technical Support (Forum) by zjon on Jan 17, 2012
  • questions about Wishblade

    I just bought the pink Wishblade yesterday, unpacked and installed Create and Cut Plus 1.0. I am running Windows 7 (64bit). The software installed fine. Windows recognizes the Wishblade as "USB Printing Support" however and when I follow the manual for "Output Preferences" I cannot...
    Posted to Questions for Technical Support (Forum) by mojofrog on Feb 26, 2011
  • Pink Wishblade and Windows 7 with XP mode

    I could use some help with my pink Wishblade with Create and Cut (ver.1) . I had it hooked up to my old computer but it didn't have enough HD space to keep it on. I only used it once or twice. I have a new computer with Windows 7 Professional with XP mode, 64 bit. I installed the Create and Cut software...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by MarianneC on Feb 2, 2011
  • Compatible with Linux OS?

    Thought I would try once more before moving to Funtime Software or the Silhouette (free software upgrades over there....Xyron may want to consider it for competition purposes).... 2007 Pink Wishblade......will it work with the Linux OS??? Thinking about doing a dual OS on my laptop if...
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by carrie640 on May 23, 2010
  • Re: Pink Wishblade and Windows 7

    Great to hear! Wishblade Software is unfortunately no longer supported by Graphtec, this is why Xyron chose to make Create and Cut (and later Plus). I hope you continue to have fun with all of your projects! Post some pics in the forum as well! Thanks!
    Posted to Wishblade (Forum) by Xyron Support on Nov 2, 2009
  • Re: is all current wishblade software compatible with Windows 7?

    Windows 7 is not being released until October 22, that said as far as our most recent testing and the most recent available release to developers there are no issues with our current Create and Cut Plus. This is the same for Apple's Snow Leopard. You will not need to update your Wishblade machine...
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