Pink Wishblade & new Macbook

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tfetzer Posted: Jan 10, 2012 1:47 AM

I've had the pink wish blade and software.  Will the same software I have (2 programs) work with my new Macbook Pro?  I did have an old PC laptop that is not operational anymore.


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Depending on the version of OS X you are using -

If you are using OS 10.4 or earlier use the older version of Create and Cut

If you are using OS 10.5 use Create and Cut Plus

If you are using OS 10.6 or higher use Create and Cut Plus for Snow Leopard you need to email tech support for a copy but must already own Create and Cut Plus.

If you are not sure which version your computer uses go to the Apple menu (top left corner) and choose About this Mac and it will tell you the version number.


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