Xyron 850 laminate not sticking smoothly to paper

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SusanT Posted: Apr 3, 2012 3:17 AM

We've used a Xyron 850 for years with the LAT201 laminate/adhesive back cartridge. I just ran 10 sheets of paper through the 850 and had problems with the sheets not feeding straight.  Some sheets seemed to have gone through ok.  I left it sitting for a half hour or so, then when I came back to the ones I had done, just about all of them seemed to have buckled.  I.e., the laminate had pulled away from the paper in a strip around the center (going down vertically).  I didn't think that this had happened during the laminating process, but maybe it did.

I also noticed that the few that did come out ok seem to not have sharp adhesion to the paper.  There seemed to be small bubbles, giving the laminate a cloudy look.

Is our 850 too old and unable to apply enough pressure?  Or is the laminate too old?

Thanks for your help!

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I would call their customer service, they would take care of you.  Sounds like a bad refill.



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Sounds like there is something wrong with the cartridge. Please call customer service and they will help you troubleshoot. 1-800-793-3523


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