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lsore Posted: Mar 24, 2012 1:43 AM

I have purchased an Alpha die cut.  I saved it in a PDF format.  I cannot isolate one letter/character to be able to resize it and cut it to make a banner. 

I have had this machine for almost 5 years.  I am reattempting to figure out how to use it before I purchase another brand of cutter.  Please help.  I consider myself computer savvy and use embroidery software on a regular basis.  I have read thru the posts here and read and reread my manuals.  I'm still lost.

Thank You ~ Lisa

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In order to cut on any cutting machine a graphic must be a vector format. Simply saving the file to PDF does not convert it to vector is the original file was NOT vector. This is also true with EPS format. Both PDF and EPS can be created from a bitmap or a vector graphic. If your file is a bitmap Create and Cut will only access the image as a whole. The Create and Cut program allows you to import bitmaps for the purposes of printing then cutting them. The Create and Cut PLUS program goes a step further and lets you auto trace the bitmap and turn it into a vector graphic.

Here is an article on our website that explains which files are bitmap and vector. Click on the link or copy the URL in your browser window.


  1. What is a Bitmap or Vector Graphic?

Basically cut files need to be in the vector formats listed in order to cut. The Adobe Illustrator or .AI file is my favorite for importing.

After you import a vector file, like and AI file, it will import as a GROUPed image. Go to the ARRANGE menu and select GROUP the UN-Group. You will then be able to access all the components in the graphic file. You can delete portions you do not want and edit the files directly in Create and Cut.

After Un Grouping, holding down the SHIFT key with the Select Arrow chosen, you can select multiple components then click on the Cut Plot button and cut only what you selected.

Reading the following articles can also be helpful:


  1. Autotrace and Print & Cut
  2. Cut/Plot Menu & Production Manager
  3. Advanced Drawing Techniques



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